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The Guayabera Shirt Store - Cotton and Linen Guayaberas and Linen Clothing

Our finely crafted linen and cotton Guayaberas and cotton linen clothing for kids and adults are available in several embroidery styles and some in several colors. A J.Edwards, Guayabera is the perfect beach wedding attire. Ready for everyday use fresh out of the dryer, ironed or sharply starched. Be sure to visit all out categories below for various styles of Guayaberas, kids Guayaberas, linen shirts, linen pants, Cabana shirts and linen tuxedo shirts. Our linen and cotton clothing line is the perfect choice when shopping for attire for a beach wedding. This is a favorite choice for attire for beach wedding or beach wedding attire.

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The short sleeve classic style Guayabera is our interpretation of the Guayabera shirts offered in Mexico City. This shirt features four extra wide pockets on the front along with widely spaced pleating on both front and back for a luxurious and distinctive look. The fabric is 100% cotton pin-point cotton oxford cloth. This is a shirt weight fabric that is found on very high quality dress shirts. This shirt is offered in both long and short sleeves and is sized exactly the same as our other Guayabera shirts.

Did you know that many of our customers are having destination weddings on the beach or other wonderful places?

Guayabera and Mexican wedding shirts and a perfect attire choice for weddings with a chic or relaxed theme.