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Panama Shangung Hats

8/17/2017 1:51 PM

Shantung Panama hats are a bit of a mystery. The material is actually a high performance paper that was originally made in the first century AD by the Chinese. Shantung resembles natural straw, or Toquillo palm fiber, but is more durable. Here are some photo's from our tour of the MILANO hat factory and their production of Panama style hats using Shantung.Read More

Making a Panama Hat

8/11/2017 3:00 PM

Panama Hats look great with your Guayabera Shirt. Here is a look at how they are finished out at the MILANO hat factory in Garland Texas.Read More
Production is moving along on the new Guayabera Shirts. The fabric has been cut. And now the embroidery is being sewn. My contractor in Merida Mexico sent a few photos of their embroidery machine in action. Take a look!Read More
Our new Guayabera Shirts are finally in production.Read More
Our Guayabera Shirt order being cut for us in Mexico.Read More
More on matching your Panama Hat with your Guayabera Shirt.Read More

Panama Hats

7/15/2017 2:52 PM

Panama hats are a great go-with for your Guayabera shirt.Read More
Developing a new Guayabera shirt. A followup to our first post on this.Read More
Developing a new style Guayabera Shirt from scratch. The design process.Read More